We manufacture a wide range of storage and processing equipment for industrial effluent, sewerage and wastewater.

As requirements vary from one project to the next, and to ensure the highest levels of workmanship, we design and manufacture all our products in our own UK production facility.


Xeroko has the plastic fabrication expertise to manufacture almost any piece of equipment required for wastewater treatment. In addition to our entirely bespoke fabrication service, we manufacture the following product ranges:


Many bulk-stored products can be dangerous if they spill or leak.  Xeroko design and manufacture a range of containment products for every type and volume of spillage.

Corrosion-Resistant Products

Xeroko manufacture corrosion-resistant alternatives to metal fabrications from durable, industrial grade and UV-stabilised polymers.

Enclosures & Kiosks

Xeroko fabricate and supply enclosures for a wide range of uses across all industrial, storage and processing sectors.  We can also assist with cabinet fitout to reduce installation time.

Cleaning & Filtration

Untreated industrial effluent, sewerage, wastewater and fumes create health and environmental hazards, but Xeroko offer a comprehensive selection of filtration equipment to combat this.

Mixing & Blending

Many industries use tanks and other equipment to mix and blend ingredients, either as part of a manufacturing process or to treat effluent. 


While dosing and mixing systems can be calibrated to work within close tolerances, using a monitoring system to crosscheck settings against actual results may be necessary. 

Pumping Systems

Once liquid effluent has been treated it can be safely released into surface water drains. Xeroko manufacture systems that ensure this is done in a controlled manner. To ensure that health and the environment are kept safe. 

Liquid Storage

Our range of storage tanks has something for every requirement, including keeping contents free of contamination; enabling complete drainage and washdown and protecting health and the environment.

Skid Mounted Systems

Where industrial processes require temporary, transportable equipment, this can be mounted on a pallet-like base, or skid which allows for easy repositioning with a pallet ruck or forklift.

Products Manufactured

fabricated entirely in our norfolk factory

Waste Water Treatment

Why we are different

Whilst we do not install wastewater treatment plants, with in house expertise in this field, we are able to offer excellent support when planning plant layouts and designing equipment for water treatment. 


We are also able to fabricate to your drawings should you already have a bank of stock drawings.

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