Top 3 reasons to maintain the quality of your waste water:

Choosing the right effluent treatment solutions for your business is essential. You have a legal obligation to ensure your waste water is handled in the correct way. If you choose the wrong system you could be putting yourself, your employees, the general public and the environment at risk. Below you’ll discover the top tips for ensuring you’re choosing an effective solution.

Determining which type of system you need:

Before you start your search for waste water treatment systems, you need to first know what type of system you need. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you connect to a public sewer?
  • Do you have Consent to Discharge?

If you can connect to the public sewer then you will need to have your own effluent treatment plant installed. This may be as simple as PH Correction.

Choose a well-established, reliable company

Once you know what type of effluent treatment solutions you need, it’s then time to find a supplier. It’s extremely important that you choose a reliable, well-established company. They will be able to guide you on the legal and environmental issues you need to be aware of. As well as supplying the plant, you may also want to consider a company that will maintain it for you too. Xeroko Effluent Solutions is one of the leading wastewater management companies in the UK. They will provide only the highest quality effluent treatment solutions and maintain the system as and when it’s needed.

Look at reputation

When choosing effluent treatment solutions, it’s important to look at the reputation of the products and services before you use them. What do other people say? Which companies off specialised treatments? It helps to find a waste water management company that offers their own innovative solutions. XES uses four specialised technologies to ensure only the highest quality wastewater management.

Don’t just focus on cost

Obviously you want to save your business as much money as possible. However, quality should be your main consideration. Look for a company that offers cost effective, high quality services. Cheap effluent solutions may not provide the best results. To ensure maximum safety, it’s vital you know you’re investing in top quality solutions.

Do your research

The most useful tip you can follow when finding effective effluent treatment solutions is to do your research. Know exactly what you need and find a company that offers the highest quality, most affordable service. Take a look at all of the effluent solutions available and decide which one is best suited to your business. If you deal with sulphate, you’ll need a specialised sulphate removal treatment.

Overall there are many different waste water treatment systems out there. In order to find the most effective for your business, it can help to chat to a specialised effluent waste company.

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