CORRosion resistant components


While metals offer optimum heat conductivity, they are not suitable for direct contact with solvents or substances with high salinity, acidity or alkalinity and may cause taste and odour taint with food and beverage ingredients. Xeroko manufacture corrosion-resistant alternatives from durable, industrial grade and UV-stabilised polymers, including:

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers regulate the temperature of heat-generating equipment to prevent mechanical and electronic failure, and to protect temperature-sensitive processes.  Plastic exchangers are used when cooling corrosive chemicals.


Solvents, strong acids and alkalines in expelled air will corrode standard ventilation ductwork, even in relatively low concentrations. Polymer-based ductwork offers high corrosion resistance and is easily sealed against leakages.


Plastic manifolds are required when the media being distributed is corrosive.  Many chemicals and vapours require a material that has greater resistance than metal.  Our range of polymers can be selected for heat and pressure durability to compliment this.

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