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Many bulk-stored products can be dangerous if they spill or leak. This may simply be the slip hazard created by liquids on non-porous floors, but if substances are explosive or flammable, oxidising or corrosive, toxic or biologically hazardous, spillage can present very real threats to health and the environment.

Xeroko design and manufacture a range of containment products for every type and volume of spillage.

Bunded Tanks

Bunded tanks are suitable for a wide range of substances, and if the contents are high-value, the bund can be fitted with a pump that allows leakages to be recycled.

Bunded Zones

Bunded zones are a more cost-effective option than several separate bunded tanks as the storage tanks can be single-skinned.  They usually require less space as an added bonus.

Washdown Water Tanks

When industrial plant or vehicles are washed down, the flow-off water will contain particles. While these may not be hazardous, particle accumulation can soon block drains and cause back-flooding.

Storage Tanks

Our range of storage tanks has something for every requirement, including keeping contents free of contamination; enabling complete drainage and protecting health and the environment.


Drip Trays

Low volume leakages can be contained within a drip tray. In the factory environment, this might be a relatively small, portable tray that can be placed under known leak points, or a large, permanent plate extending to the full footprint of a machine or process line.

Enclosures & Kiosks

Xeroko fabricate enclosures for a wide range of uses across industrial, storage and processing sectors.  These can be internally bunded to eliminate any risk of chemical leakages and contamination.  


“We really appreciate your consistently quick response to our requirements.  Even when we have been running against tight deadlines your team have never let us down.  We would certainly recommend partnering with Xeroko for any design and plastic fabrication work.”

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