How to become category 5 compliant:

Are you struggling to convert existing mains connected installs into category 5 approved systems?

Although AB airgaps are now a requirement on a large majority of tanks and systems that traditionally have been connected directly to the mains water network, it is not always straightforward to become compliant. If your system comprises of an existing tank, there are three ways you can become compliant:

Option 1 – Retro-fit AB airgap:

This may be an option by reducing the capacity of the tank by simply slotting the tank in the sidewall and welding screening mesh, along with a cowl to shield the weir from the elements. This is something you would need to design and fabricate yourself, and care should be taken to ensure you are not reducing the usable capacity below the required level.

Option 2 – Install a category 5 nurse tank:

This is a good option if you have height to play with and involves mounting a small category 5 break tank – usually around 150 litres – above the existing tank. The nurse tank contains the weir system and float valve, which gravity feeds into the existing tank sited below. More information on these can be found HERE!

Option 3 – Install a pumped category 5 nurse tank:

This is by far the most commonly used option, as everything is installed at ground level. A small capacity nurse tank is fitted with a pump to provide a supply to the main tank. This is very versatile as the category 5 break tank does not need to be sited directly above or near the existing install and tends to provide least disruption whilst being installed. As everything is sited on the ground, this also makes maintenance of the float valve system easier and safer. Some of our ready to roll solutions can be found HERE!

When designing a new system, it is easy to overlook the implications of an incorrect interfacing with mains water. Feel free to contact us to ensure you have all your boxes ticked on 01553 750092 or Remember, fines for incorrect installations start at £1,000.00 and we don’t like to see anyone bitten!